How We Work Suppliers / Vendors

The Procurement Process

  • Step One

    Material Requirement Search

    Suppliers can see any requirement posted in their area and according to what they sell in the new requirement section.

  • Step Two

    Submit Quotations

    Requirement are time based and suppliers can see how much time is left for the requirement to close. So Submit your quotations which includes the rates along with any taxes. Also Suppliers can ask for transportation charges and can give information about how much is the credit days and credit limit for the same.

  • Step Three

    Re-Quote Quotations

    Suppliers get to know the chances of winning or loosing the Purchase rder by which they can reduce their rates or give discounts and move their chances of winning to the highest by re-quoting.

  • Step Four

    Analysis and Negotiations on Quotation

    Once Client companies starts negotiation the suppliers can change their quote and come to a point where it is a win-win situation for both clients and suppliers. Suppliers can analyse their quote in real time.

  • Step Five

    Win Purchase / Work Order

    A click by the client to give the order to a specific suppliers sends information to the supplier that thier quotation has been agreed upon and purchase orders will be generated for the same.

  • Step Six

    Material Dispatch & Tracking

    Suppliers can tell their clients about the tracking of their material through our platform. this helps suppliers maintain their relations with clients.