How We Work Construction / Real Estate Companies

The Procurement Process

  • Step One

    Create Requirement

    Project wise requirement generation where you can select item, brand, specification, quantity, and date of requirement to add it to your requirement list or make it ready to float it into the market.

  • Step Two

    Requirement Sent to Suppliers

    Once you create requirement, materials are auto grouped and you can send it to your verified suppliers or all the relevant suppliers with just a single click.

  • Step Three

    Receive Quotations from Suppliers

    Requirements floated online have deadlines hence you get all the quotation on-time. Once the requirement allotted time is over the quotation is brought down from suppliers view.

  • Step Four

    Analysis and Negotiations on Quotation

    You can analyse the different quotations and negotiate with suppliers which whih you intend to do business and get even lower rates.

  • Step Five

    Award Purchase / Work Order

    When you are happy with all the procurement parameters you can award Purchase / Work Order to your preferred Supplier.

  • Step Six

    Track and Stay Updated on Delivery

    Suppliers can post information on tracking of material through our portal, so you would exactly know where the material has reached, all in real time.